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Memberstack 2.0
We're rebuilding Memberstack, launching a small private beta for developers , and releasing a 10x more powerful version of Memberstack. We're rebuilding Memberstack (In progress) We've learned so much over the last 2-years, and it's time to rebuild. 1.0 was a great MVP, but it's simply not able to scale with our team. It's going to take a few months, but Memberstack 2.0 will ship with new functionality like multiple membership plans, permissions, and more advanced APIs. In addition to those massive new features, we're going to be a 100x better place (not an exaggeration) to work on features like social login, a Paypal, OAuth, more UI's, more front-end packages for frameworks like React and Vue, and so on! During this time we'll focus our development efforts on launching 2.0, get feedback from professionals who've been building with user auth and payments for years, and invest our non-technical time into hiring more product people. Releasing 2.0 is our primary focus We'll need time to replicate all of Memberstack's existing functionality in version 2.0. This sucks. But it's the only path we can see at this point if we want to get to the rest of our roadmap in a reasonable amount of time. This sucks because most of our development resources will need to go into version 2.0. It's quite likely that you, our current customers, won't see any major feature releases until migration day. Which, should feel like feature Christmas. In the meantime, we'll continue to support all of our existing customers, fix bugs, expand the team, and find other ways to be of service. Launching a Developer Program We've learned a TON over the last 2ish years, and plan to incorporate all of those learnings into 2.0. We know what to build, but we also know constant feedback is essential when building a product that's usable and actually useful. To keep things efficient while still receiving a steady stream of feedback we've decided to launch a waitlist and solicit feedback from experienced developers who A) are currently using Memberstack 1.0, or B) are industry-leaders in building web apps and websites. Apply to the Developer Program here Launch day & process Learn more here . Please leave your concerns, comments, and feedback below!
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