The problem:
Customers are getting confused that "billed history" is what they have been charged. They see an extensive list of failed invoices and think they have been charged this from their banks. It's become a consistent problem within our community.
What this looks like below is that the customer has been charged three times for $79 and once for $29. Yes, they could look at "view", but none of them do. Attempting to explain this to many people has become impossible as they are just not getting it. It does appear like they are being charged for this as there are no immediate indications.
What is actually happening:
Two of these payments are voided from a transaction decline, and one is in a "retry" phase.
The solution:
Would ultimately be to show these attributes on the billed history. See above. Ideally in color coated, so it is not very obvious what they have been charged and what not.
Yes, they can see this if they click "view," none of them do, as it's not an obvious thing to do. We have had many complaints within our community about this, and it's become a bigger problem than what we can handle moving forward.
Created by JS
July 21, 2021