1) I need some help importing paid members from Memberspace into Memberstack
2) I don’t have too many members to currently switch (currently 60 paid). There are several different types of memberships though - A “founders” membership, a legacy membership, and a current membership (yearly and monthly).
As for how much they are paying: founders - $10/m. Legacy - $49/m. Current membership - $59/m. Yearly is $597.
And currently, we want to switch before we start scaling the membership (just finished last round of beta testing). Memberstack has a lot more to offer in terms of connections and analytics (specifically with Heap).
We also have 200 free members, but I can transfer those myself.
3) Memberspace
4) I know that feature may seem small, but virtually all of my clients currently have memberships in other platforms, such as Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, Memberspace, etc. And they all have the ability to import/export members.
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