1) The problem → The problem is you only pass to Mailchimp the ID of the subscription to.
2) Why is this important →
3) What's your plan B → So the workaround I’ve found is to conditionally transform the string to something else if it matches a string.
Now, this member can belong to the proper group in Mailchimp : “Club Auboutte” rather than a gibberish 607c205…
Although I found a workaround, the present solution is hardly scalable. This ID is unique to this membership at this price. Whenever I’ll upgrade my subscription price :
I’ll get a new ID
I’ll have figure out the ID (it’s not displayed anywhere on Memberstack admin)
Update the conversion scripts in Zapier
Test it!
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Adding a simple attribute to the JSON structure would make it so simpler: “Membership subscribed to label” (or name).