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Give someone a free trial to any plan
I'm having a similar concern to Corey here , and my request is that you at a minimum allow free trials to be offered as coupons. In addressing the questions posed: 1) The problem → Inability to offer a free trial to some audience segments without making the free trial offer available to everyone. 2) Why is this important → I would like to use marketing events, like a webinar or a 7 day challenge, to promote community membership. If someone attends an event, or completes a challenge (in these examples), they would receive an email with a "Free Trial" coupon and still be able to create their membership on the same site that other new members would set up their membership. Without this feature, I could either (a) turn on "free trial" for a limited time ... again removing the reward for participating in the event, and thus decreasing it's value, or (b) create a new product with all of the associated steps (creating a temporary landing page, etc.) and HOPE that the individuals to whom the offer is extended don't try to sign up through the normal channel(s). It would also let me establish different lengths of time that the free offer would apply, depending on the event the prospect attended. For instance, a live seminar that someone paid to attend might result in a "free trial" coupon for 3 months, where participating in an online challenge might result in a "free trial" coupon for 14 days. 3) What's your plan B → Probably not have a free trial offer at all, or try to come up with some alternative way to make a similar offer 4) Possible solutions we could build for you → create the ability to offer a "free trial" coupon I do REALLY like the idea mentioned by Corey regarding the ability to offer a free trial AND a coupon ... or ... being able to create a coupon that has BOTH a free trial and a discount ...